Educational Videos

Not sure how to prepare your pond for Winter? Watch this Video!

Its so amazing that we are already talking about winterizing our ponds! Where did this year go? Below is a video that you can watch that goes over the steps of pond winterization! We have all the products in stock and also are ready to assist you with any further questions you may have! Remember, if you want to have your fish next Spring, the steps that this video goes over are very essential.

DIY Project-Matt Zunich

One of our loyal customers, Matt Zunich from Portage, PA, opens up his backyard to show how a backyard can be transformed into a beautiful retreat and entertainment area. The amazing part is that he did this all with his own two hands! Matt, you did a great job.

Get Your Pond Ready For Spring!

With warming temperatures, well I guess we haven't see much of that yet but we hope to before too long, we look forward to getting our ponds running again. It does take a little TLC to get our ponds crystal clear again; a good way to begin is to treat it with Cold Water Bacteria.