February 2012

The Amazing IonGen

Hey, Pond Lovers, have you heard about the amazing IonGen G2 that Aquascape came out with? This IonGen allows you to have crystal clear pond water all summer long without the use of any chemicals! This fabulous product is easy to install as well as easy to use.

Bubbling Boulder Testimonial

We just wanted to say " Thank You" to everyone at Tussey Mtn Mulch for our Bubbling Boulder.  Dave and I enjoy it so much and love how the birds have taken to it. We have so much pleasure in watching them bath. After a long day, it is so relaxing to sit and listen to it and watch the birds.

CED 2012 Video

Hello, Contractors! We finally got our video from CED uploaded! We thank each one of you for making this event a success! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlGP1GTYSf4  

Pavilions... Outdoor Living at Its Best

Whether you are looking for a place for entertaining, a backyard theater, a kitchen, or just a special place for you to get away... http://youtu.be/S8XfpVa94kg The Hampton Pavilion is only one of the many options for you. We would be glad to show you what we have to offer! And remember... we can help you custom-create you own pavilion. It's possible! Stop by Tussey Mtn.