Late Summer Flowers and Pellet Pricing

August, is like the Sunday of summer.

Yes! We are saying August, but I'm already loving it. The days are beginning to whisper autumn. Pumpkins and mums are in the air!:) The beautiful season of harvest is just beginning. Take a moment to step back and savor the beauty of harvest and the plentiful amounts of fresh food.


The Greenhouse

As the season progresses the greenhouse slowly empties out. I'm always a little sad to see the vibrant colors leave and slowly watch the greenhouse take on it's late summer emptiness. We still have a good selection of perennials and the annuals that we have left are $1. Don't forget that fall is a wonderful time to plant a tree! Also, keep an eye👀 out. Pumpkins and mums should start arriving the end of this month.

Early Buy- Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets are available!

  • The price is $239/ton from now through Sept.
  • Order your winter supply of pellets today! We deliver with our flatbed truck and moffett, giving us the ability to move your pellets to a convenient location.