EcoBlaze Wood Pellet Reviews

Nice folks. Always helpful. All around great service. With this cold weather, we needed an additional ton of wood pellets. We called in the morning and they delivered that same afternoon. Plus the EcoBlaze wood pellets are excellent. Thank you to all the people at Tussey Mountain Mulch. -Byron Shafer-Stroud

Just received a ton of pellets from here and they burn perfect!!! Will be buying many more from you again!!!! -Brite Spot Pizza

Just started using the EcoBlaze pellets and they are the best pellets for my stove. They throw amazing heat and very little ash. I just wish I had discovered them sooner! -Dave Chesney

They are the best... And they don't burn up fast... Nice clean blaze!! -Dione Metzger 

I look forward to winter because of my Pellet stove, these are excellent pellets. Very low ash, and burn for a long time! -Patti Gottshall

We use these pellets, they are great! -Jen Burket

Wouldn't get them anywhere else, they burn great. Low ash and a good price! -David Gates

 Upon using our pellet stove for the first time, we re-realized what love is!!! BEST all around way to give your house that nice cozy warmth enjoyed by, well, everyone!! Tussey Mtn Mulch Landscape Center is your go-to, one stop shop for essentials (and non essentials;-)) for every season of the year....  -Jason & Tasha Hess

Best pellets in the area! Pellets burn longer with less ash. Very efficient! Delivery is also a plus!! -Mary Ann Brown

BEST PELLETS EVER!!!!! -Raul Mendez Jr.

Bought a skid recently when I switched to these (btw thanks Tussey) and I love  them ! I went from cleaning the stove every couple days to once a week with these, keep my glass cleaner, longer, and I swear they make my stove produce more heat.  -Robyn Messner

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