Maximize Your Opportunities

    Isn’t spring one of the busiest times of the year?  And yet in all its busyness we need to reflect on the fact that it holds new life and so much potential! Here are a couple of thoughts that I want to challenge you with because I know we want to maximize our opportunities. Spring is truly meant to be enjoyed. Not to become frustrated at. Spring is meant to be a source of lively rejuvenation. Not slaving drudgery. But how many of us sigh with relief when the busyness of spring is past and gone. And did we notice the budding leaflets? The blooming crocuses? Did we consider the first robin we sighted? Wait… what’s being managed? Or who? Take a few moments to stop and consider the most important things that you need to accomplish this Spring. Make a list. More than just a mental list. I love lists because they help me to put things into perspective. Make a list of the “Top 12 Things to Get Done This Spring.” Remember that there are only 12 weeks of spring. You could take each point and use a week to get it done! That’s what I call “Time Management.” Don’t we all want to get the most important things done this spring? Start with what is nearest and dearest to you. Your wife. Your children. Your parents. Family. Friends. Your house. Your yard. Your car. And by the way… it’s NOT all about you. You are blessed to be a blessing. And one of the top blessings we have been given by God is time. Are we doing OK? There’s time to do lots of things so we need to take the time to sit down to determine what those things are and how we are going to get them done. The team here at TMMLC would like to welcome you into Spring by gently suggesting that we have many tips and tools to help you fulfill your “Landscaping” dreams and ideals. Not only do we have the quality products you will need for your Landscape - Gardening supplies, Mulches, Water Gardening items, Pavers and Walls for those Outdoor Living Areas etc., but we also have the inspiration and education to go along with it. We want to inspire you and see you be successful with all your landscaping endeavors. We know it will benefit you, your family, your friends, and your community. Managing your time and maximizing your opportunities will leave you feeling like… WOW! Isn’t this an awesome Spring!

-Brian Horst

Customer Care Associate

P.S. I am back to work now that I have come home from being in Bangladesh for 6 months. I praise God for the experiences and opportunities He brought to me while I was there. God taught me some important lessons about life as I served the people He brought me in contact with. I love Bangladesh and miss the dear people a lot. But now that I am back here at TMMLC, I want to turn my focus to serving you all and being a blessing to you here. I am looking forward to seeing all of you again... so swing through some day soon! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIMG_8383-aOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA