Tidbits from the Greenhouse...


Hello from the garden center! We've been enjoying summer here in our greenhouse and nursery area. Mostly we've been kept busy with watering, watering, watering. When the humidity is low and there is no rain, or only a thundershower or two, the trees and shrubs are always crying for more. Here are some tips to help you make sure you are watering effectively. First of all, water deeply and less frequently. If you turn a sprinkler on, let it on for several hours. Or just lay a hose beside your tree for 10 minutes or longer. Also, do not water by schedule. A lot of factors determine whether you should water or not. Heat, humidity, whether in sun or shade, and type of soil all play into it. What it basically boils down to is this: Is the soil dry?

What do you get when you stack a hydrangea bush on top of a trunk? A Hydrangea Tree! And they've just begun to bloom! Come on out and check out these cool specimens-they're sensational!

Are your roses starting to get a bit stressed out in this summer heat? One solution may be giving them a dose of Bayers All-in-One Rose and Flower Care. This is a fertilizer/fungicide/insecticide that works great, plus the nice thing about it is that one application takes care of fertilizing or spraying for 6 weeks. If you have a more serious problem, the leaves on your rosebush are turning yellow and dropping off, spray them with Rose Defense. This does wonders in helping them recover from disease. And if they really don't seem to be blooming very much, even with all the TLC you have been giving them, try watering them once or twice a week. Could be that's all they need for the little extra energy required to bloom.

Have a happy summer!

             -June Zimmerman