The Amazing IonGen

Hey, Pond Lovers, have you heard about the amazing IonGen G2 that Aquascape came out with? This IonGen allows you to have crystal clear pond water all summer long without the use of any chemicals! This fabulous product is easy to install as well as easy to use. Below is a testimonial of a customer who has had great success with their IonGen: I would like to take a second to say what a great product the Aquascape IonGen is. We have a 12x18 pond with a waterfall and six beautiful koi. This is our fourth year enjoying our pond, and a big part of that enjoyment this season is the great job the IonGen has done for us. Every season we have struggled and paid a small fortune in chemicals to fight string algae and cloudy water. However, this season has been hassle free because of the addition of the IonGen. All we did was just clean our filters at the beginning of the season, added the IonGen and we were off running with clear water for the season. AMAZING....Thank you Tussey Mtn. Mulch for recommending this great product. John Scheponik.  Altoona, PA CLICK HERE to read more about this amazing product called the IonGen!